Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl Weekend

So I didn't watch any of the superbowl. Not even the commercials. We went over to Lam's friend's house for the party but while he was downstairs with the guys watching the game, I was upstairs with the wives watching the kids.

Saturday I went over to mom's to deliver some orchids in celebration of chinese new year's this week. Every year I seem to do something wrong. Last year I made the mistake of buying a purple mum, purple is bad luck I find need to be white or red or yellow. I also gave the candy trays, and they said no one eats those anymore. So this year I got some white orchids from Dillons but most of them had one or two buds that were wilted. I have two kids in tow with me at all times, I didn't have time to search Wichita for some better looking plants but my parents made the effort in telling me next time go to Thai Binh or even Lowes for some better ones. Oh well.

Had my annual women's wellness appt this morning then had lunch at the Old Mill Tasty Shop with some g/f's to plan Amy's bridal shower coming up in June. Her rock is huge! And the wedding invitation list is 650, holy cow, this will be one big shindig!


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