Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shots & Toys

I took Micah in for his 18 month checkup with Nurse Kelly yesterday. Micah is now 29lbs, 95% in weight and only 65% in height...we have a shorty among us. I am a mess when my kids get shots. They always cry and it's worse on me than it is on them. Micah doesn't like the laying down and being held down part. Just getting his height checked on the weighing scale, he hollars. So when it was time to stick him, I pulled out the guns. I put a pack of gum in his hands to distract him and sure enough, it worked like a charm. The nurse commented that he has a special mom giving him that treat but heck, it made it easy on the both of us.

After we got home and had dinner I took the kids to the mall. Kenzie needed a bang trim badly, they were getting so long in her eyes. I didn't get to browse at any of the stores, it's just impossible with a 3 yr old and 1 yr old running around. The Disney store had 25% off sale so I did get the kids a new pair of PJ's and they picked out these little remote cars, a Lightning McQueen and Cinderella car.

I was really hoping that with all the mall walking we did, they would be worn out & ready for bed early so i could scrap some more but no such luck...it was after 11pm before the lights were out.


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