Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fabric Colors

I'm still deciding on a color palette for my room. I know I want Brown in it but not sure on the second color. I thought about brown/pink....or brown/cherry chocolate red....but maybe leaning towards a brown/tangerine. I'm just afraid it will make the room too dark. What do you think?

No painting done last night. I got the brushes and primer all set up but had to wait for Lam to come home from the shop to help me move the desk and bookcase & he didn't get home till after dark. So my MIL and I took the kids to the park and walked around the neighborhood. We pushed the kids in the double stroller then they wanted to get down and run.

Kenzie was playing pretend school like she always does and was showing me how I should jump. Micah watches intently and wants to play too, then he starts running all around doing his own funky moves with his foot and head bopping. I laughed so hard last night watching him.

Sunday morning Kenzie woke up came into my bedroom with her blanket in tow and said to me. "Mommy scoot over I want to sleep with you cut I need you, I love you, I'm your baby girl"

Reasons why I love being a mother.


Stephanie said...

I like your idea of brown/pink or the red. Maybe do the top half the lighter color and the bottom half brown. Whatever you decide you'll need to share after pics!

Anonymous said...

ooh, i love the brown/tangerine together - very sophisticated!!
too cute about your dd - mine just screams..."mommy, i want to sleep with you" until i go in and get her - wanna trade ;)

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