Monday, April 21, 2008

My ScrapRoom

The only scrappy project I worked on this weekend was finishing up my May cards for the cardchicks swap. Saturday night as I was cleaning up the scraps I just got the urge to redo my entire room. Actually I was growing very tired of the lavendar/yellow walls for quite sometime but decided to do something about it right now.

I would never be a good interior designer. When we finished up our basement 3 years ago I thought it would be cool to have my scraproom in different primary shades of color on each wall. So I painted one wall a fire engine red, the other is the yellow you see....then the red gave me headaches so I ended up using the purple we had leftover from the other part of the basement. Not exactly my first choice but paint gets expensive so I made do.

Yesterday I emptied this entire room out and I plan to do an extreme makeover on it or paint job at least. I'm so excited to redo my studio. Here are the "BEFORE" pictures.

My Sewing Station & where I pile up finished pages and all the rest of my junk to be filed away someday.

My desk how it normally looks after completing a project.

The right corner of the room - my computer/office working desk

This is the left corner of my scraproom - my main working space


amberhelga said...

lan i like your purple and yellow!
so what colors are going to go with now?

Karlee said...

You are amazing! I need to hang out with you more so more of your creativity can run off on me!

Stephanie said...'re so lucky to have your own room! I have a corner in our finished basement. Maybe someday!

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