Monday, April 28, 2008


Finally, the "after" pictures of my newly painted and reorganized scraproom. The chocolate brown/buttercream/tangerine color combo makes me think of the word Kenzie has been saying often after watching Backyardigans: Delectable! Scrumptious!

I bought a whole gallon of the orange color with the intention of painting a whole wall with it but I'm glad I changed my mind and decided on just painting all the accent wall hangings. This way, when I want a change, it'll be easy to switch it out with another color and a whole lot less work!

I got these wicker baskets at Michaels to organize & hide my stuff, they were 50% off last week, perfect timing.

These used to be blue/yellow/green/and pink!

This canvas was inspired by the cover of Ali's newest book - I'm going to add a picture of the kids once I get a good one taken.

I moved my target cubes to this wall. I keep all my pattern paper, cardstock and kits here.

Check out the chocolate colored wall, I love it!

I repainted these canvases. Inspired by aLove Elsie Zoe Soft Charm.

Got these at HL in the clearance isle for $3.40 several months ago.

My spot to hang layouts before I put them into albums. Ikea bar $4 and Target clips $1 spot.

IMG_9170, originally uploaded by Lan A.

So clean and organized, now if I can keep it that way!


StampingRooster said...

I absolutely love it! the bar to hang finished LOs is such a great idea. I'm always wanting to look at mine for a bit after they're finished.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous!!! the colors you chose are awesome - i love the canvases you did as well....can i come and play?? :)

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