Friday, April 4, 2008


We had a lucky night. Went to the new First Council casino in Newkirk, OK. It just opened up on Feb 29th. I lost everything on the dollar slots then went to find Lam at the card table. I've never been good at cards, the dealer is pulling my cards away before I even get the chance to count the numbers in my head. But Lam told me to play with him so I just listened to his call. An hour later I made back all my loses and enough to cover my flight to Minneapolis, MN for the TSR retreat this summer. I was on the fence of going because of the airfare cost, hotel cost, and meeting room rental fee but I need a vacation so I'm treating myself.

We were home by 8pm, I put Micah to bed, then read books with Kenzie, then crashed myself. Tonight I'm working on filing tax returns again. The fun is over.


amberhelga said...

Lan good to see you won all your money back and you will get to go on the trip!

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