Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Go Jayhawks!

My weekend flew by, I spent Friday night, Saturday night, and all day Sunday working on taxes and updating the accounting books for family.

The kids were hilarious yesterday. My MIL was looking through all my scrapbooks last night at 10pm and the kids were still wide awake. She found thier old projector book stuck behind the shelf. It's one that Kenzie rec'd when she was born that has all these little slides you can stick in the plastic projector and a book to read along. So Micah discovers it for the first time & boy oh boy was he laughing and excited. I wished I had my camera out. We turned down the lights and he saw the image projected on the wall and was trying to catch it! He was holding the projector in his hand and didn't realize that was where the light was shining from so he'd run after the image.

Lam was watching the final NCAA championship game. I'm not a sports fan at all but was interested because I had $5 riding on the bracket with a group of 37 other employees at work. The game went into OT and didn't finish until 11pm. Kenzie was next to me and was ready for bed. Her hand was in front of my face and I pushed it down so I could see the screen, she tells me " But Mommy, I thought you don't like soccer ball?" I laughed and said it's basketball honey..."I thought you don't like basketball?"

I normally don't watch but it was a great game! Go KU! First time in 20 years for winning the championship.


amberhelga said...

your kids are to cute! I don't like watching sports either and Aaron is obsessed with basketball!

amberhelga said...

ma agian you've been tagged

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