Monday, March 3, 2008


I am soooo nervous about my meeting tommorrow. In order to get my greenbelt certification for work I have to lead a Kaizen which is a meeting that goes over the tools we learned. So I have to present my topic to 19 engineers/business project leaders including my boss. I HATE public speaking, that's why I went into the field of accounting. I thought we sit behind our desks and don't have to do these kinds of things! Hopefully I don't faint. I usually just talk too fast and forget half of the things I planned on saying.

On the home front we aren't doing much better than we were on Friday. Kids are still sick and my throat is aching so bad from all the coughing. We did bring them to Sesame street live yesterday because the tickets were already paid for & they seemed to be doing better. Kenzie was scared of the characters but Micah loved all the music, he was entranced and danced right along. I can't believe the price of souvenirs $15 for an elmo hat that Kenzie wanted because the girl sitting in front of us had one but she hates wearing hats.


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