Friday, March 14, 2008

My childhood

This is the 3rd layout for my BOM. Debbie's class at NYCscraps is awesome. I've done more journaling in the last 3 layouts then I've done in all 50 scrapbooks I've completed in the last 8 years. It's also taking me a lot more time! This one took me almost 2 1/2 hrs.

Journaling: As I reflect on my younger years, I have nothing but happy memories. Well, up until my teenage years when I rebelled against my parents for not letting me date. But my childhood was filled with friends, family , and lots of laughter. Summers were spent riding our bicycles to the neighborhood park, playing softball, attending the annual Marion day in Carthage, MO, taking piano lessons on the weekends, and going to birthday parties. My mom's hobby and FT job was decorating cakes so birthdays were always a big celebration and I'd always get a beautiful and different cake each year. My best freinds were Ngan & Ngoc since their mom worked with my mom and Lisa Gruenbacher. We grew up in a small town of Colwich where you knew everyone. I'd walk to and home from school with my brother, sister, and cousins who lived across the street. I'd also have to walk the five blocks to the post office to get our mail. We'd clean the church after school a couple days a week. Our house had two big old walnut trees and a blackberry tree. Our grandpa lived with us and kept a big garden in the backyard. I remember hanging our clothes out on the line to dry, swinging in the hammock and playing ball in the yard. We moved out of Colwich during my Freshman year in college to the big city of Wichita. Even though we're just a 30 minute drive from the town and I was so excited to be near the big shopping malls and entertainment, I still miss the quiet little town and home we grew up in.

I got my hair cut short yesterday during my lunch hour. I needed a spring change and it feels good. I'll have to post a picture this weekend.


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