Monday, March 10, 2008

3 years ago

Three years ago today, my water broke at 3:30am one week before my due date, we headed to the hospital and after 2 1/2 hours of monitoring & pushing, a beautiful baby girl blessed our lives! Happy birthday Makenzie! She woke up crying for Mommy this morning when Lam tried to carry her to the car, she was still crying for me not to leave for work when we dropped her off at grandma's house.

I took her to ToysRus this weekend to let her pick out a toy and she chose three things: a purple tellitubby that comes with a matching headband (she can now be tinkywinky) a tinkerbelle umbrella, and a pack of gum.

Not a very fun weekend but productive. I completed 4 pages, 3 tax returns, cooked, cleaned the house and watched the backyardigans with the kids. Lam actually helped cleaned the bathrooms and a few loads of laundry, I was sooooo impressed with him!

Oh, I almost forgot the highlight, Micah used the little potty two times! He wanted his diaper off and the minute I took it off, he of course went all over his little chair & floor so I got out Kenze's old potty chair and he went in it. At 17 months old, we're off to a good start. Maybe we can finally stop buying diapers.


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