Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blogging trouble

It's 3:30am and I can't sleep so I'm trying to upload my layouts from the weekend but it's given me an error for the 2nd time! Grrr, how frustrating.

**edited** It works now :)

Journaling: I was only three when our family fled from Vietnam so I was too young to remember a thing. I wish I could witness what my parents went through to make a better life for us today. I’ve heard the stories of how we had to camp out in the refugee island of Malaysia & my cousin Viet tells me I owe him big time because he was the one who carried me across the waters as we hid out in the boats. In January of 2000, twenty years after leaving the country, we took a family vacation to Vietnam. My grandfather had just passed away and it was in his will for my uncle, the newly ordained priest, to go back and say mass for our people. I was 23 at the time & had no idea what to expect. The land was beautiful and I quickly realized all the things I took for granted.

We would wake up each morning at 4:00am with the rooster crowing and walk to mass. Bicycles are the number one vehicle of transportation and there are no stoplights! There is only one community telephone for the neighborhood, no indoor plumbing so the bathroom is in the out house and mom hand washed our clothing for us. It was the first time I’ve seen dog meat served and wasn’t about to try it. We slept on hardwood beds with mosquito nettings around us. For 3 weeks, I was very fortunate to see first hand the place that was once called home.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hi, interesting and insightful blog...I know the feeling, I had the same problem tonight :)

Jessica said...

ohhh how awesome are those pics!!!! loving it girl!

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