Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Click, Clack, Moo

Last Friday I took the day off to drive Kenzie to her preschool field trip at the children's museum. Little brother Micah got to tag along and watch the show click, clack, moo. It was a very cute play filled with dancing and comical actors. Micah commented that the tv remote Duck was using was just like the one on the Upside Down Show, which is is favorite tv show on Nick Jr. He has also been telling me he loves me everyday and it comes with a hug. I don't know what has gotten into him all of a sudden but it is so sweet so I'll just enjoy it.

This trouble maker has 4 teeth and is cutting 2 more. He stands for a few seconds without holding onto anything. He loves to eat table food and grabs at anything within reach. He also loves to throw fits if you don't walk him in the direction he wants to go.


eNVe said...

awww....those pics are super adorable!! Jax has been doing the same thing lately.. saying "i yuv you mommy" and "mommy wanna hug?".. it just makes my day and I'm enjoying every second of it. before he hits puberty and thinks I'm uncool. haha

btw, I'm still in awe of your scrapbooking skills! Ever thought of selling your work? :) I'd buy it since it is hopeless for me.. I'm never going to find time to fill my blank scrapbooks.

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