Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Surprise Tuesday

I got home to find two packages for me in the mail. One was an awesome prize package full of fun new scrapbooking supplies from my friend Kim. And the other was totally unexpected, my friend Emily who I got to meet for the first time in Minnesota at the TSR retreat sent both of my kids some toys. When we were shopping together at the Mall of America a few weeks ago, I wanted to find something with Kung Fu Panda on it for Micah since he loves the character but didn't see anything. So she finds him a small backpack that is perfect for his size and a little dry erase board. Even Kenzie got a little pencil pouch with a set of cute erasers. The kids were so happy and excited, Micah wore his packpack the entire night.

I made some Thai Bubble Tea last night, haven't had it in a long time and it tasted GOOD!


Jessica said...

isn't it great to get unexpected gifts in the mail!! sounds awesome!

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