Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1st Day of Preschool

She picked out her own backpak. I don't know why Target doesn't sell smaller ones for preschoolers, this one is bigger than Kenzie is!

Waiting outside for the teacher to open the doors.

After picking out her name from the table and sorting all the supplies into the bins, we got to play with paint! First I painted her hand, then she got to paint my hand for our handprints.

Then Daddy helped her roll out some playdoh shapes while the teacher went over the rules to all the parents.

It was a successful first day of preschool. The real test comes on Thursday when she has to go herself. I have a feeling we might have a crying spount like we did our first night at gymnastics tonight.

She had a new instructor and a room full of new students. She went in okay for the first 5 minutes then came crying out. When I asked her what was wrong she told me her nose was bleeding (which it wasn't); the second time, she told me I was sitting in the wrong chair and she couldn't see me; the 3rd time she said there were too many people there & she was scared; the 4th time she said there are boys in her class and she doesn't like boys; and the last time she came running out crying, it was time to go home.


klucas said...

Lol! Did you stuff my poor niece's backpack with tissues or did you actually put books and supplies in there? I'm surprised she didn't fall over.

soinkincute said...

She is an absolute DOLL! Omigosh, how cute is she!!??!???

Again, your photographs and your layouts are awesome! I love your blog and have bookmarked it. As I am sure to find some great inspiration here!

Anonymous said...

such cute pictures!!! she looks so grown up :)

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