Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chalk and Mowing

Aunt Kim and Uncle Ryan bought the kids these giant sidewalk chalk sometime ago. I just opened it up for them to play yesterday. Kenzie liked playing hopscotch and Micha just liked getting his hands dirty. Then he tried to color the walls with it.

The boy just loves to mow the grass. Everyday he'll go to the back of the house where we keep the lawnmower and tell his daddy to cut the grass. He got his own mower for his 1st bday and pushes the thing around the house constantly.

She got a new pair of shoes to wear to school but being independent and stubborn, she won't let anyone help her tie the laces. They keep falling off and she gets frustrated...today she put them on backwards but wouldn't let grandma or mom fix it. She's already at a size 11 going on to size 12. Big FEET for a little girl.


soinkincute said...

Hi There!

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I love your blog. Your pics are fabulous!! So nice to see you!!

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