Sunday, August 10, 2008

School Shopping

This weekend, it was just the two girls, Kenzie and I school supply shopping. Yep, I can not believe my baby is going to preschool in less than 2 weeks. Her first day is Aug 19th and I get to go to St. Thomas with her on day 1. We had a whole list of things to get, crayons, washable markers, glue, dixie cups, napkins, etc. The usually stuff. She picked out her own PINK backpack which is bigger than she is. Everything was going well at Target until we went to the shoe isle. She's been sporting her flipflops from last year all summer long and has already outgrown all her winter shoes so I wanted to get her some new tennis shoes. There was a really cute and cheap on sale no brand name tennis shoes in pink and gray that she fit perfectly with room to spare. She was fine with getting it at first, I asked if she liked them, she said yes. So then I see another cute brown pair that would go great with some of the outfits and dresses she already owns so we try that on. She is already a size 12 in shoes. She didn't like it because she couldn't get it on herself. She wanted the one that was 3 times too big for her & I said she couldn't have it. So the whinning begins. I tell her to move on, we'll go somewhere else to look for it, I"m dragging her hand to the checkout lines and she starts crying really loud...bout, Mama, I want to get some shoes! Pretty soon she's in hysterics crying over a pair of shoes so I take her back to the shoe isle and 30 minutes later after trying on every pair, this is the one SHE picks out.

This is a typical evening, Kenzie going into her I'm "madding" at you phase when she doesn't get what she wants. She pouts, puts on this frown and goes off into a corner but makes sure to let you know that she's "madding". And Micah following her around and then apoligizing so Sish-Ter can play with him whether he did it or not.

And a few more layouts...


Stephanie said...

Love the shoe story! We were just at Target last week to get shoes for Dylan (who by the way starts kindergarten in 3 weeks!) and Katie started throwing a fit because she couldn't get shoes too! She wasn't too happy when we left the shoe dept without shoes for her. But she didn't need them yet!!!

great layout too by the way!

twinsand2boys said...

beautiful layout. Great take on the sketch.

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