Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ten days and counting!

Is everyone ready for christmas? I'm not! I have so much to do and so little time to finish it all. Being sick and having sick ones doesn't help out at all. The kids are finally better but I"m still holding onto this nasty cold I"ve had for days. We haven't even made our yearly trip to sit on Santa's lap yet...I"m hoping we can get that done this weekend.

Today Makenzie told me that she watched Hellen Keller at school and it was sooo sad. She told me she only dropped one tear though. My girl is so thoughtful sometimes. She see's a lot of homeless people lately as we drive around town and tell me she wants to give them some of her toys and candy that she doesn't like.

On christmas eve, she will be singing in the choir with her class. The girls will dress up like Mary and the boys as Joseph and they will bring their scrolls to the manger. She is super excited and have been talking it up for days.

People have asked what Micah wants for xmas and here's his Santa list. He wants mighty beans, baulkagons, criss cross crasher, Muno (Uno) cards, building thing...and that's it, he says.

Paxton hasn't added many new words to his vocab yet. He does seem to understand a lot better and can respond his famous...Nah or bob of his head though. He's been getting a ton of teeth in lately...I think 5 new ones already. He loves to ride piggyback on his sister, they do that everynight.

It's fun to watch the kids play with old toys (Micah's Thomas train sets) and reading old books (peek-a-boo ones).

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. I've opened up an early xmas Mark 5D!! Super excited so I'll have lots of photos to share if I can ever get caught up.


Kim said...

Love the pic of Pax riding on Kenzie, enjoy that new camera!

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