Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011!

Can't believe how quickly 2010 went by, it was a wonderful year and I hope 2011 is filled with just as much happiness and joy to one and all!

We just hung around at home all day. My kids drove me crazy...they played Just Dance on the wii and Kenzie and Micah fought all day when one of them didn't get the first prize ribbon for dancing. Then they whined when one got mad at the other and wouldn't play nicely. Then Paxton would go running off with their toys and the older ones would come crying to me. All day was MOM!!!

My husband actually went to Lowe's hardware to buy wood and spent the day framing up our unfinished utility room which will become my new scraproom! I'm sure it will drag on for months but at least he's started it. We've actually had plans to do this almost a year ago but it's always been put on the back burner.

And now for the scrap-room's January kit reveal.

1) Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934
The photos were taken last year when all the kids were sitting at the doctor's office waiting to get their flu shots.

2) Fancy Pants Happy Together

Makenzie's first concert was Salena Gomez. We stood in line for a poster booklet and she came home and tore it all apart and taped it up all around her room.
We watched Andale High's football game at my 15 yr reunion. They were throwing out t-shirts into the stands after the first touchdown and Lam snagged one for Micah even though it was a size XL.

3) Jillibean Soup Atomic Soup

4) Bella Boulevard Lovey Dovey - coming my recipe card :)
Such a cute cute line!

And a couple cards. Oopsie, I can't believe I missed the "h" on this one. I ran out of this letter sticker and was going to go back with a black ink pen to make the l into an h and totally forgot until it was revealed today.


Natalie Elphinstone said...

how cute are all of these!
The 'h' is so easily fixed :-)
I really like the ones made with the Cosmo Cricket papers. Great layouts!

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