Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tooth Fairy & Pixie Dust

This morning I took both Kenzie and Micah to the dentist. We just made a switch to a new one because I didn't like the way our previous dentist handled the billings and it seemed they wanted us to come back every 3 months for unnecessary work. When I called to make the appt, I mentioned that I just noticed last week that two of Makenzie's permenant teeth have already come in thru her gums. And since her baby teeth haven't fallen out yet, they are pushing in towards her mouth and she's been complaining of aches. Her teeth are just a little bit loose but not enough to go stringing them to a doorknob and trying the ole' yank em out business.

Anyways..back to my telephone call...the receptionist said I could come in to have the doc look at her but they couldn't gaurantee the extraction could be done the same day since we are new patients and have to fill out all that paperwork.

Well, the doctor recommended these baby teeth go bye bye and here is one Happy Little Girl!!! She's been waiting for the tooth fairy for over a year now. ( She dresses herself and does her own hair in the morning each day for school...i think mommy needs to help her)

Micah was in there for a 2nd opinon on his front teeth. Unfortuneately, we'll be bringing him back for some additional work. On the ride back to school Micah asked her, "Sister...can you please tell the tooth fairy to leave one present for you and one for me too?!?" And she says...Micah, you have to wait til yours fall out, i've been waiting for this day for a long time.

And this evening she was dancing all around and asking me if I thought the tooth fairy would remember to come tonight. She had her teeth sealed in a little tiny chest the dentist gave her but she kept opening it up and looking at it. Once again her little brother tried..., Sister he says....can you put one under my pillow too so the tooth fairy will come see me?

LOL...i love when little kids still BELIEVE.

But the tooth fairy was not prepared to make her rounds so soon and had to stay up late to leave this on the dresser drawer for the special girl. Inside the star box was a $5 bill wrapped in blue tulle and a fairy dress ornament. Kenzie woke up at 6:30am and immediately looked under her pillow!

The tooth fairy also left this note for her. There was a trail of glitter (Fairy Pixie Dust) from her bedroom window leading to the dresser too...she was super excited and woke me up early to read her note for her.


Rebecca Geile said...

How creative!

klucas said...

Lol.. too freaking cute. What a great mama.

Pamelamma said...

Congratulations to Kenzie!! I just love how creative the tooth fairy was. Awesome note and gift!!

Kim said...

That is so precious. I love the note and the little keepsake box is super cute too. Kenzie's tooth fairy rocks!!

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