Sunday, October 10, 2010

Retreat Recap

Every day after school, Kenzie pulls her school uniform jumper off and plays in the yard with her siblings and cousins. Grandpa has this metal wagon that the kids love to play in. They all hop in and she pulls them down the dirt driveway to the mailbox.

My friend Heidi from MN knitted me these cozy pair of fingerless mittens. I LOVE them! So warm and fitting and I'll be able to take pictures wearing them this fall/winter. It was a prize for one of her scrap challenges. I've been admiring her knitting/crocheting skills for a long time so imagine my surprise when I won my very own handmade piece. Thanks friend!

Enjoying my frappachino as I waited in the airport in either Detroit or Memphis. I had two connecting was a looooong flight home.

And now for a little Recap of my wonderful weekend spent at the Hamburg Hideaway in PA. I met up with 7 other girlfriends that I've known for over 2 years..some as long as 5 years. We met thru an on-line scrapbooking kit club, TSR and have just bonded since then. It was an amazing weekend and these ladies were incredibly fun, talented, and sweet!
This was the room I stayed in which fit 6 comfortably. It was like stepping into a little girl's room with the cute flower print comforters and white iron bed headpiece.

PA is a lot like Kansas, just with a bit more hills and curves and trees. I picked up my own rental car since I missed my 6am flight and was the last to arrive. Thank goodness for my Sprint gps on my phone though...those backwood roads could be tricky driving along at night when you are on new territory!

And here we are, a buch of good looking gals if I don't say so myself. Flying in from all over the place, KY, NY, OR, MN, PA, and KS.

Deep in concentration as I'm working on my 2011 calendar. Thanks to Pam for all the great pictures she took.

We're a tight group, hugs are welcomed. The majority of us own an slr too so no shortage of photos.

Oh my, we had some hilarious conversations and when someone starts the belly laughs, it's hard to control yourself.

I had such a wonderful time and can't wait for our next retreat.

And being gone just 3 days made me miss and look forward to my regular scheduled programing with these silly beans


Kim said...

Love the pictures you shared. Kenzie is so adorable pulling that big wagon. I have said it once but I will say it again, you have the cutest kids! I loved getting together and look forward to next year!

Pamelamma said...

Lan, I love your recap. It was a fabulous weekend and I'm already looking forward to next year's retreat!!

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