Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Boy

This boy just celebrated his special day.
I tried to moouse his hair down before the party and he got upset because he wouldn't be able to twist his hair while he sucked his thumb without getting it all yucky. Yes, he still has that quirk about him.

Watch out or Kenzie will knock you over!

A little frightened at first but Paxton wanted right back on that slide.

No hugs from little brother

Thanks grandma for my Super Mario cake!


Julia said...

Oh what gorgeous photos! Your children are so beautiful! x

klucas said...

Happy Birthday Micah! We miss you! Sweet cake grandma. Too bad she couldn't have made Koen's and saved me 50 bucks on a dry nasty piece of card board... and it's ok Micah. Every kid has a quirk. Koen still has to be touching his bear nose when he sucks his thumb.

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