Monday, September 21, 2009

Soccer Time

Soccer season has started. This is Kenzie's first time at micro soccer, since her cousin plays it, she's all about the game except she calls it playing "goalie" instead of soccer. The coaches are two volunteers so they ask the parents to really stay and help out. When you're dealing with 20 three and four year's quite an evening of coaching and repeating and trying to make the kids focus. Micah gets to play along too, he was too young but since they don't take roll call and he's just as tall as some of the other kids, no one knows the difference and he's actually quite coordinated and good at kicking the ball...and he gets all excited after kicking it into the net.

This is the card I made for my card swap. Not exactly my favorite, I have a hard time coloring stamped images in without them looking like a preschooler did it so i tried stamping on PP.

We just got back from a quick weekend trip to CA to visit my uncle for his 10 year anniversary. I didn't take many pictures but the kids did. I'll try to upload for later this week


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