Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3 firsts

We just hung out at home for Labor Day. I spent the entire weekend cleaning the house and it just took the kids 10 minutes to put it right back in it's shambles. *sigh*

Paxton made three frist's this past week:

1) First time rolling over - he sleeps a lot on his tummy and now he bunches his legs up and when he get's his arm under him he pushes over to his back.

2) First time sleeping in his crib - Lam finally set up his old crib that Makenzie had when she was a baby. Since Pax is sleeping thru the night really good, we've set him up in Micah's room.

3) and the last Frist....is sucking his thumb. Yep, he joined the thumb suckers club with his big sister and brother. He's mastered it well, I tried to give him the binky last night but he didn't like it as well.

Micah playing soccer with the boys at Uncle Southine's house.

and here's Kenzie getting another pedicure from her auntie.


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