Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pool Par-tay

This past weekend we were invited to a pool party for a friend's birthday. The kids still have not gotten enough of swimming even though their skin is charcoal now, they didn't want to leave the water! Kenzie is so good at swimming short distances now. Here they were playing with my friend's daughter Allyson.

We also went school shopping for supplies as Kenzie will start one week from tomorrow. It's hard to bring 3 kids with you to the grocery store or any store for that matter. Micah will ask where we're going...if we say target or walmart then he'll say..."and buy one toy for me". I managed to get his mind off of picking out a toy by letting him choose a $7 backpack, but at the checkout he remembered and said, "mommy, where is my toy?" Walking out of the store pushing the cart as fast as we could I told him "oh, mommy forgot, next time honey. So the whole ride home and a few days later he repeats...next time we go to walmart, don't forget my toy!" He doesn't even want anything in particular, as long as it's something for him.


Kim M said...

Micah sounds like Lexie, she always wants a toy and I love Kenzie's shirt, great minds think alike, Lexie has one just like it, don't ya just love Kohl's?!

Lan said...

Yes, they are always running a special on kids clothing and they're comfortable for them.

StampingRooster said...

I can't believe how much Kenzie has grown. She's losing the baby and becoming a charming young lady. So pretty :)

amberhelga said...

love the pics !

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