Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School

Kenzie's first day of Pre-K and look who wanted to come along... Micah is soooo ready to start school but he missed the cutoff by about 6 weeks so he'll have to wait another year. He loved going to school with sister, he played in the doll house, sat down for circle time while her teacher read them a couple books, sang the elephant and tiny Tim song, said their prayer, and he got mad at me for not remembering his folder and backpack when it was time to go home.

And this little cutie has been so much fun. Paxton smiles and coo's all the time. The only thing he doesn't like is riding in his carseat. It's a pitching scream every time.

I am so lucky to finally have a good sleeper. Kenzie and Micah are terrible..even still but this little guy will go for 7-8 hours now with no problems. Then in the morning when we lay him on his back he'll just watch his animals in his pack and play while we get ready for work.

This past weekend we went to KC to watch my nephew play soccer. We stayed at the Hampton I think it was. I'm so used to staying in cheap motel 6 type of hotels whenever we are out of town. But this place was so cool...very modern designs. I was inspired by the colors and art work.

We are sporting a new/older vehicle now. Going to trade the Lexus for this minivan. We are officially a big ole family.


klucas said...

Dang soccer mom. The Navigater isn't big enough? Pax is getting so big! Can't wait to see everyone.

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