Sunday, May 3, 2009


This weekend was National Scrapbooking Day, I took the kids with me to the scrapbook store for the free make-n-takes which included the layout below. Uncle Joe burned twilight onto a dvd for them so they watch it like everyday. And Kenzie wanted her picture taken with Edward since the they have a cardboard cutout of him displayed in the store. Yes, they are both obssessed. Over easter during the egg hunt Kenzie would just pick out the twizzlers because there is a scene in the movie where Bella eats them and then last weekend when I took the kids with me to the hair salon and spent 2 hours there for my color, a lady asked Micah what his name was and he answered "Jasper", another character in the movie for those of you who are not twilight fans. He said it so matter of factly, no laughing or kidding. And I tried to correct him and said, no it's not and he insisted that was his name.

Kenzie picked out some doggy stickers and since we don't have any pets, she wanted to take pictures w/ her puppies for a layout.


klucas said...

LOl! Jasper.. my crazy nephew...

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