Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Hope all you moms had a wonderful mother's day. I spent the entire Sunday at my moms. My aunt invited us over to dinner at 5pm but as soon as we got home from church Micah started crying cuz he wanted to go to Ba Ngoai's house so I ended up taking them over there early and we stayed all day. While Micah took his afternoon nap I took Kenzie out on the front lawn for pics...she's a poser I tell ya.

My mom made me a strawberry/kiwi cake and the kids wanted to blow candles.

My first pedicure...Kenzie's first manicure. Lam has a friend that just opened up a salon so we got these treatments complimentary on the house. If I knew if felt this good, i would go more often. Yet I hate spending money on this type of stuff...would rather splurge on a new scrapbooking kit :) Sketch from inspired blueprints.

This is totally a staged laugh but you can't even tell...she's that good at faking facial expressions.


Debbi T said...

Really delightful pages! Your daughter looks so cute!

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