Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November in Review

I've taken a ton of pictures this month but havent' had time to process them so here are some random shots.

My nephew Dara and Micah playing Dance Dance revolution on the Wii at grandma's. Micah loves repeating "Right...riiiight...DDR"

He still likes putting on his halloween horse outfit at home and running around the house..."Getty Up!"

Lam turned 35 on the 9th and my mom made hime a strawberry kiwi cake...the kids were all into blowing the candles.

We took all the kids bowling this past Saturday and Panya was telling Kenzie she has to stand there and watch her pins all fall down.

Phoma helped Micah with his ball since the thing weighed more then him.


Anonymous said...

oh, those pictures are just so sweet :)

amberhelga said...

you take the greatest pics . i love dance dance revolution too! tell him we should play. he will probably beat me! lol!

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