Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wedding of the Century

Kenzie trying to push Micah in his 4-wheeler

Kenzie listening to my ipod shuffle

Kenzie on the dance floor with all the other kids. She picked out her own shoes from Walmart. Had to have the Dora explorer sandles and had to wear it with this dress.

Chomping on some chocolates that were in our favor bags.

Yesterday was Amy's wedding and I was quite impressed. She had 8 bridesmaids and a huge turnout at the reception. When we checked in we got table tents with our names and 3 goodie bags. One filled with chocolate, one toddler bag filled with stickers, activity pad, scribble, cubex, and a round spinning globe that lights up, and an infant bag that had a rubber ducky teether, animal book, play phone, and bathtub fishy. They even got served chicken fingers, fries, and fruit cup for dinner while we had our filet mingon and chicken breast. It was the most kid friendly wedding I've ever been to. Kenzie loved getting on the dance floor, they did all kinds of games and songs for the kids: limbo, hokey pokey, macarena, YMCA, and of course the chicken dance. The little girls were going up to Micah to give him hugs and hold his hands, he did his fair share too but was to fast for my camera.


Anonymous said...

Lan - those pictures are just darling!! Paige is the same way with clothes/shoes :) LOL!

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