Thursday, June 5, 2008

The big 3-1!

Another year come and gone. I had a decent birthday celebration yesterday. Lam surprised me with an ipod shuffle. Since I've started up running recently I searched forever around the house for our old walkman & couldn't find it. This thing is pretty slick if only I knew of what good songs to download. My only favorite song that I could listen to over and over is Bleeding by Leona Lewis but other than that I don't know of any good songs. Would love to hear your suggestions.

My coworkers decorated my office, got me a plant and took me out to lunch. I was kinda disappointed that I hadn't heard from my mom all day. She never NEVER forgets our birthdays. And I always get a cake from her every year. I was feeling left out but at 7pm she called me at home and said they were on their way over. So I did ended up getting an 8" strawberry cake. Micah loved sticking his fingers in the creme. Kenzie wanted to play dressup last night so we all put on our dresses and danced around the house. My sister got me an Archiver's gift certificate, whoo hoo! Some fun shopping. Thanks to all the birthday blessings from my on-line friends too.


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