Monday, January 16, 2012

Take Twelve - Jan 12th

Sometimes I sign myself up for too many projects and then never follow through but I like challenges and this is one that should be fun. The Take Twelve photography/scrapbooking challenge is to take 12 photos on the 12th of every month. I actually took more than 12 and had a hard time narrowing it down so this post is going to be a photo overload.

1. My son never takes a bath without bubbles.
2. Husband chillaxin in Kenzie's room after a full day

3. My daughter LOVES to gurgle mouthwash...scope, listerine..she can handle it.  So we got her an iCarly bottle for her stocking, it has an easy squeeze cap so she doesn't have to ask us for help to open it up.

4. Chef daddy making breakfast each morning while mommy gets the kids showered and ready for school.

5. My parents just returned from Vietnam and brought back these rosary bracelets for the kids.  Micah and Kenzie wanted one of each color.  They also got a travel tic tac toe game.

6. Paxton loves to play with his trains ever since his cousin Koen introduced him to them.  He's obsessed with them!

6a.  Toby, Henry, Paxton, Thomas....even mommy knows all 50+ names

 7. Kenzie is reading 2nd grade level books now, this was her AR reading book this week and she loved that the last page had an interactive circle that she can move around to choose the different moods and faces.
 8. I just finished reading the 3 set book of Hungar Games which is a big accomplishment for me because I never have time to read any more but this book is next on my list.  Lam received it as a prize after we ran the Cessna Fly By 5k last October.  And my goal this year is to beat my previous time.
 9. What we're currently wearing
 10. On our fridge is Micah's leader of the day calendar for PK, Kenzie's lunch menu (she used to want to bring her lunch on the days the food wasn't so great but they got a new cafeteria chef and she tells me her lunches were so goood), and the YMCA schedule of group classes for me since we are now members.
 11. Lam's favorite game is jewels. 
 12.  The pantry, after and before picture.  It must have taken me 2 hours to match up all the tupperware I had.  Soooo many boxes without lids and lids without matching boxes.  It feels good to organize it all.


Aliza said...

Your pantry is gorgeous. I will dream about it tonight. I also love the picture of the Thomas trains lined up in a row. And a bright and lively layout, too

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