Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY: Raspberry Shortcake Costume

My six year old daughter is a size 14, it's getting very hard finding flattering clothing and Halloween costume shopping was just an adventure too. She likes this Raspberry shortcake costume we saw in the store but they don't have her size. So I told her I'd try to make it. Me...the mother that purchased a sewing machine so that she could sew on her layouts...and has never made anything that gets more complicated than hemming a straight line.

So my first stop was the Goodwill, and it happened to be my lucky day! All summer clothing was half price and I scored with these two items: a Gap polka dot Dress $1.99 and pink wrap for $1.99 minus the 50% discount had me checking out at $2.12!! (Happy.Dance) I wanted a red wrap but beggers can't be choosers and buying a red sweater and then having to sew it shorter was one step too much. I'm keeping it at the Level "EASY" here.

At home I searched her closet and found the perfect lime green top from Children's place purchased a couple years ago when it was on winter clearance. Next step, I went though the boxes of outgrown baby/toddler clothing to find matching lime green fabric and scored again with a pair of 24month old pants that we got from Walmart for a $1 back when she was 2 years old. I couldn't find the right color of green ribbon in my stash for the center of the belt but Michaels had in their xmas display the perfect color for $1.99 per roll. A little bit of snipping and a little bit of sewing and this pair of old pants made the perfect belt and head piece.

Next I dug out my cuttlebug and circle spellbinders to roll out 7 raspberries for the belt and 7 raspberries for the headband out of some hot pink felt I had in my stash.

The only additional item I had to buy was the pink wig which is optional but daughter really wanted it.

Not to bad for a novice if I don't say so our little Raspberry Shortcake whose entire costume was created minus the wig for only $4.12.


Rebecca Geile said...

You did a fabulous job with this! I'm currently working on a toad costume (from Super Mario Bros.). You have motivated me to get moving on this project.

klucas said...

Look at you Martha Stewart! Very cute. Now can you whip up a Thomas for your nephew?

Pamelamma said...

Lan, you are SO talented! And Kenzie is ADORABLE!! Kudos to you, girlfriend!

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