Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bring out the Bella

I'm a long time sketchfanatic but I've never tried to design my own sketches until now. This was the first one I designed for the scrap-room.

and after getting the September kits, I decided to stretch it into a two pager because I had so many 1st day of school photos I wanted to include.

But I didn't stop there....I went through all my olds kits and made a couple pages using all my Bella Scraps. This one was also based off the sketch and I like it much better with the round photos..hehe. If you decide to give this sketch a go, don't forget to leave a comment on TSR's blog by the end of the month for a prize.
Not sure why there's a line running thru the title on this page but I'm going to be lazy and not fix it.
We took the kids fishing one day and nothing was biting but they didnt' care, they were having so much fun playing with the minows.


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