Saturday, April 16, 2011

Extra..extra.. all about it :) I"m low on creativity for blog titles at the moment. Here are a few new pages I created. This one is for the Recipe challenge I'm hosting over at this weekend. Be sure and head on over to the message board for their weekend long crop. Lots of challenges and fun prizes offered. I put this page together in 30min while my son was napping and the other 2 kids playing and bothering me. I just wanted something quick and simple and to windle down my scrap pile. And these two pages were created using Sketch 104 designs from my scrapbooking retreat last year.

I'm glad I took photos before my almost 2 year old sprayed it with a bottle of Windex. Well, it's awfully quiet so I better check on what kind of trouble these kids are getting into now.


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