Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tue Recipe Challenge

Today's MAY recipe challenge over at Sketches by Tamara is to use these three items:
1) Masking
2) Alphabet
3) Yellow

Notice the first letter of the items corresponds to the month? Cool huh? Here's my interpretation. Check out what all the other designers did.

This has been a very busy month for me. Going from a very busy tax season to Atlanta for some training, then my SIL got married, and just threw a baby shower for a friend, and now the kids have their end of school activities, Kenzie has her dance recital coming up and she'll get to perform on stage at Century II, Paxton's first birthday to plan....I can never catch up!

On the fun side, Kenzie can ride with no training wheels now! I took it off a couple weeks ago after the wedding and trained her within 15 minutes. She had problems learning how to start herself but the next day she practiced and practiced and could ride her cousin Dara's bike because her's is now too little for her. This friday at school is bike day so we went to Walmart and she picked out a 16" one...she wanted the barbie one because it has a little bike on the handle bar where she could place her own barbie in it.

The other exciting news is Paxton is walking! Yep, he's learned how to stand just in the last couple months and has been taking 3-4 steps here and there but now he's fully walking on his own at 11mos. On top of that, he can drag two cans of pop too!

Lam gave me a watch for Mother's day and it had 3 bows on the box, I told the kids to each put a bow on their heads cuz they are my gifts.


klucas said...

Nice.. riding a bike and walking? I can't even get Koen to sit on the toilet. He just wants to push the button to flush.

Nice husband... I got to wake up early with Koen.. cook breakfast.. clean up.. do dishes.. he at least said Happy Mother's day about an hour into the morning after he saw my card I bought for Lisa.

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