Monday, March 29, 2010


Just taking a day at a time. I love that daylight lasts longer in the evenings now. This is my view every morning on the way to exit by the turnpike.

My little Packarooo is 10 months now. He has turned into his sister. yep, he now tugs around a blankie everywhere he goes. When he wakes up from his nap, he crawls out of the room with his blankie attached to the wrist. And he's been sleeping on the floor matress we put on the ground because he hollers and yells bloody murder whenever we try to put him in his crib. He's standing up much better now but not long enough for me to capture on film...he moves lighting fast on his knees. This boy can eat I tell ya. Not like his picky eater of a brother, he'll chow anything you put into his mouth and eats mainly table food.

And a few pictures from our trip to visit Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kim in Colorado a couple weeks ago.

Cousin Koen and his ball


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