Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scrappin break

I took a two day break of scrappin...so tired the last few nights so i went to bed early (10pm) now that Lam is back home. He was in Houston for 4 days staying at the hospital with Keo. His leukemia isn't looking good as they've found an infection in his brain so they are calling all relatives to donate white blood cells. We pray for him every night. The kids will say their prayers and I always ask them who do they pray for? Micah says, Baba (auntie) and Loomloom (his sick uncle), grandma, grandpa, uncle joe joe (cuz he's been coming over to help build the swing set for them everyday the last week), his choo choo train, and then his baby brother (after i remind him).

My son is sooo loud and active...so opposite of his sister. At church when it's all quiet and there's still 15 minutes left, he shouts to me "is it time for donuts yet?!" He's also a dancin fool, i'll try to post a clip from you tube once I get it working. And at gymnastics, he just runs off and starts making friends w/ other kids.

Kenzie has been hooked on watching twilight...i think it's her 3rd time. I dropped her off today at school and she cried, don't know why the sudden change since she hasn't been that way for 7 months but she was fine after I stayed w/ her for 15 minutes to work on her coloring sheet. She told me she changed her mind, that I could go back to work...and was she still a good girl?


klucas said...

Kenzie's too cute. I love that girl... and miss her!

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